Licensing agreement

This Licensing Agreement outlines the terms and conditions for using our products. By purchasing or downloading our products, you agree to comply with the following terms.

License Grant

Our licensing is simple and straightforward. You have the right to use our products for both personal and commercial projects. This means you can incorporate our products into your creative works, whether you’re designing for yourself, your clients, or any other commercial purposes.

Please note that these rights are for you alone and cannot be shared or transferred to others. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility to use our products in a variety of ways to enhance your creative projects.

Permitted Uses

Personal Projects: You may use the products for your own personal projects without restriction.

Commercial Projects: You may use the products in projects for clients, including websites, advertisements, presentations, and social media content.

What is not permitted

You may NOT resell, sublicense, share, or redistribute the products, either in their original form or modified, as standalone files.

You may not create templates, derivative products, or resources based on our products that are intended for sale or free distribution.

Sell your template or theme with the source files of our product as a gift.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Licensing Agreement, please feel free to contact us